Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review - Drop Dead Beauty

Title: Drop Dead Beauty
Author: Wendy Roberts
Publisher: InterMix (May 21, 2013)
Format: Print Length 220 Pgs; Kindle 569 KB
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Source: Amazon Purchase
Series: Ghost Duster Mystery #5

If anyone saw that ending coming, I commend you. That one hit me out of nowhere and I thought I was good at picking up clues.

Sadie Novak is a crime scene cleaner, which mean when an unattended death occurs and biohazard material is left after the body is removed, Sadie is the person that you call for a clean up. A very messy job, but yet one that has to be done. Since the suicide of her brother, Sadie has found this work cathartic in a way. It is her way of helping family members deal with trauma.

An unexpected side to this work is her ability to see the spirits of the dead. That is those that died at the hands of others and not suicides. For some reason, those souls do not appear to her.

In the past, Sadie has helped Detective Dean Petrovich solve homicides in the Seattle area, but this time there is a change. Dean has been accused of killing his ex-wife and needs Sadie’s help in finding the real killer. This is proving to be a problem since a situation has arisen in Sadie’s life that is preventing her from communicating with the dead without feeling the full extent of how the murder took place.

Wanting to help, but without putting her own life in peril, Sadie and her best friend head out to find a potion of sorts that will take the deadly effects away and yet still allow Sadie to communicate. If only there was a similar potion that could help Sadie in her personal life.

Poor Sadie, with her life in a muddled mess, she must deal with spirits that want to communicate, an annoying detective that needs his own answers, spa owners that want her dead, a potion bag that smell like excrement and two men that need to find out where they now fit in Sadie’s life.

As I said, the ending surprised me. I loved how Wendy Roberts included just enough without foretelling the ending, making me want to go back and reread the book wondering what I had missed. Much like the movie The Sixth Sense showed what you had missed, I wished that there were a final chapter that showed me the errors in my thinking.

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