Friday, February 1, 2013

Review - Grounds to Kill

Title: Grounds to Kill
Author: Wendy Roberts
Publisher: Carina Press / Amazon Digital Services(January 7, 2013)
Format: e-book (364 KB)
Genre: Mystery
Series: Barista #1
Source: Amazon Purchase

I am at a loss as to how to classify this book. Just because the lead character is a barista with a dog, does not automatically make this a cozy. The klutziness and bumbling of Jen Hamby keeps me from calling it a typical mystery or suspense. All I can say is think harder edged cozy with a paranormal twist.

Apparently, Jen has a couple of secrets – two of which are the homeless guy across the street is actually her father and two, the spirit world sends her messages though an itchy palm that takes to automatic writing.

These are two hard secrets to keep especially when the lady down the hall (ok so this is also a third secret) is murdered and it looks like her father just might have been there. Jen is desperate to clear her father’s name, but when the dog flyers keep appearing and her itchy palm keeps leaving her messages, Jen has no idea where to turn next.

With the help of her co-worker and friends, a wild goose chase ensues through the streets of Seattle with bodies left scattered and cryptic messages left behind.

When the dust settles and you discover the real story behind Misty’s death, you are left with a “well, this is not a cozy” feel and yet you cannot describe it any other way and cannot wait to get back to the antics of this funny girl with her odd group of friends.

I enjoyed the debut of this new series and look forward to more.

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