Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review - The Aviator's Wife

Title: The Aviator’s Wife
Author: Melanie Benjamin
Publisher: Delacorte Press (January 15, 2013)
Format: Hardcover; Pgs 416
Genre: Fiction

This book grabbed me from the second line on the very first page.

“Is this how I will remember him?”

Though it took me longer to read than most books, it was not because of the storyline, but because I did not want it to end. The melding of two people that should never have joined, but knowing all along that there was no other more perfect person for the other, was what kept me glued to these pages.

Anne Morrow was the daughter of an ambassador, her life was guided and structured so when she met and eventually married Charles Lindberg, a hero in her eyes, she was semi prepared for what they outside world was looking for in her, but what she wasn’t prepared for with the demeaning and condescending way that her husband treated her.

To the outside world, he was an icon, but behind closed doors he was far anything that a persons should idolize.

From the day that they met to the day that Charles Lindbergh took his last breath, Melanie Benjamin shows the reader the world of Anne Morrow Lindbergh. From the dizzying heights of pioneering aeronautics to the devastating lows of their first child being kidnapped and murdered, we see a woman who loved too much and a life that was splintered and patched only to be shattered again.

I learned many things about a man that I thought I had known, but I drew strength from a woman that I did not think had one more ounce to give.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh was a phenomenal woman. Showing the reader by example how a difficult marriage can be endured, how surprising family secrets can make you stronger and how when you have to face the inevitable, because of what you have come through, you are prepared for the future.

There are lines and paragraphs throughout this book that I just kept reading over and over. They resonated with me and I want to say “Thank you Melanie Benjamin” for bringing this extraordinary woman to life.

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