Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review - Zombie in Love

Title: Zombie in Love
Author: Kelly DiPucchio
Illustrator: Scott Campbell
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers (August 23, 2011)
Format: Hardcover; Pgs 32
Genre: Children’s
Source: Library
Ages: 4 and up

Perfectly off beat and quirky, Zombie in Love is a charming story of Mortimer, a zombie, trying to find a new love and a date to the Cupid’s Ball.

In a zombie sense, Mortimer has been around a while, but the ladies do not appreciate his affections. Modern girls are not into worm-filled boxes of chocolates or human hearts. They do not like diamond rings with the previous owner’s finger still attached or Mortimer’s arms falling off when he tries to work out at the gym. This does not deter him. There just has to be the perfect ghoul out there for him.

He places an ad looking for the perfect woman, which sounds a bit like the Rupert Homes – Pina Colada song, in hopes of finding a woman that likes waking up at midnight. I chucked at that – knowing full well that the humor would be lost on most readers. Yes, I am that old.

As the clock strikes midnight, and all hope seems to be lost, the old adage that “there is someone for everyone” rings true and Mortimer finds his dream woman with half a brain. Really – if you do not know the song, that too will be lost on you.

A fun book that will entertain both the adult and the young reader.

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