Monday, December 31, 2012

Reading Challenge Addict Recap

This challenge will begin on January 1, 2011 and end on December 31, 2011.

Track all of your challenge accomplishments.

I completed 77% of my Challenges

I have the attention span of a senile goldfish and every other year I set out with high hopes of joining and completing numerous reading challenges only to fizzle out sometime before I have completed my goal.
This year, even though I did not finish what I had set out to accomplish, I did manage to make it through September. 
For 2013, I will not be joining any challenges, but I will be working on series that I have started and hopefully, I will make a major dent into the list that I have started.

Reading From My Shelves (20/25)
First in a Series (15/15) COMPLETED (September)
Library Challenge (12/12)- COMPLETED (April)
Audio Challenge (12/12) - COMPLETED (May)
Mystery and Suspense (12/12) - COMPLETED (September)
Serial Killer (4/10)
New Author (10/10) - COMPLETED (March)
What’s in a Name (6/6) - COMPLETED (August)
Finishing the Series  (15/17)
Cozy Mystery (15/15) - COMPLETED (July)
eBook (10/10) - COMPLETED (June)
Eclectic Reader (12/12) - COMPLETED (August)
An Illustrated Year: 2012 Picture Book Reading Challenge (24/24) - COMPLETED (June)

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