Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday at the Movies

Angelina Jolie ... Christine Collins
Gattlin Griffith ... Walter Collins
Michael Kelly ... Detective Lester Ybarra
Frank Wood ... Ben Harris
John Malkovich ... Rev. Gustav Briegleb
Colm Feore ... Chief James E. Davis

No matter what you think of Angelina Jolie’s personal life, you have to admit that this woman can act. From the first scene of 1928 Los Angeles, to the final frame, I was captivated by this movie.

As single mother Christine Collins returns from work, her nine year old son Walter is missing. The police department refuses her initial call, but eventually is willing to file a missing persons report. Five months later a child is found who fits a very loose description, but Christine knows that this boy is not her son and will not give up until her Walter is located.

The corrupt police department refuses to believe her and begins to label her both a liar and a hysterical woman. Back in that day, when called hysterical, a woman would be locked up and treated to horrific conditions.

With the help of a local minister, attorney and an investigator, all points converge on a ranch where a young boy tells a shocking tale of kidnapping, abuse and murder.

There are a few continuity inconsistencies in the movie, but that should not take away from the story that this movie tell.

The Changling, in part, is based off the true story of the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders.

If you are interested in the full background story, please check out the Wiki page on this time Los Angeles history. A fascinating read.

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