Saturday, November 26, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Week 6

Christmas Countdown

Please visit The Organized Home. This site is designed to help the procrastinator in me get ready for the holidays.

I highly suggest that you check out their homepage and sign up for a weekly reminder. I will only be posting here the items that will fit with my life and home, but there are many more ideas at suggestions at their site.

Welcome to Finishing Touches Week! It's the time to complete the last details and start celebrating.

Week 6

•Advent Calendar. These can be difficult to find, so start looking around.

•Divide the Christmas card list into five groups. Write and address the final group this week.

•Mail Christmas cards by December 10. Earlier if you have cards going to these serving in the military.

•Complete all gift shopping.

•Finish the gifts that you are making. If they are not done by now, put the project away and add them to your gifts to buy list.

•Wrap and mail send-away gifts by December 6. Earlier for military.

•Hold a pre-season toy declutter to make room for new toys. Teach children to give with appropriate seasonal activities.

•Plan holiday parties what are you hosting and where will you be going. Hostess gifts and wardrobe.

•Set aside favorite holiday books, music and video for use during the season.

•Does your family collect holiday figurines, houses or collectibles?

•Review the Christmas holiday menu plan, and order poultry or special roasts for any
holiday meals held in your home.

•Cultivate a calm and quiet home during the height of the season. There is enough stress enough.

•Set out a tray or Christmas card holder for incoming holiday cards and letters

•Complete interior and exterior decorating. Don't forget your frong door wreath

•You should now be ready for a peaceful holiday season. Relax and enjoy.

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