Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday at the Movies

James Van Der Beek ..... Seth Webster
Mrs. Merkle ............ Doris Roberts
Reba Maxwell ........... Erin Karpluk

This is one of those endearing holiday movies that I love watching each year. Seth Webster is a widowed father trying to raise his twin sons. Mrs. Merkle comes to the rescue when the most recent nanny leave, but Mrs. Merkle is no ordinary nanny. She is a heavenly emissary and her job will not be done until Seth opens his heart and allow himself to greive his wife’s death and to allow a new love into his heart and home.

Mrs. Miracle ............ Doris Roberts
Jewel Staite ............ Holly
Eric Johnson ............ Jake

Holly is a single aunt responsible for her nephew while her brother is deployed overseas. As if this is not overwhelming enough, she must also contend with a demanding boss and a career that is not going exactly as planned.

Jake the heir apparent of Finley’s department store has also hit a career crisis, trying to convince his father that stocking their store with traditional toys would be a better move.

Enter Mrs. Merkle also known as Mrs. Miracle who uses her own brand of heavenly influence to bring these individuals together for a classic heartwarming Christmas.

Told in the typical Debbie Macomber style of happily ever after, bringing family and home together, these two movies make for a wonderful snowy afternoon movie marathon day.

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