Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vision Impossible

Vision Impossible (Psychic Eye Mysteries, No. 9)

Victoria Laurie

First, I have to commend Ms Laurie for the ending of this book -I did not see it coming. Most cozies (I think this book is a cozy, but her writing style is starting to change) writers follow a conventional plan and lead you down a rosy path to a predictable ending where all the loose ends are tied up and they all live happily ever after. This one, on the other hand, has a nice twist at the end that has you wondering, “what did I miss”. Loved that.

Following up where the last one ended, Abby is now a FBI Civilian Profiler and has been thrown into a very precarious position with Dutch. They must fill the shoes of a weapons dealer and track down a drone aircraft before it falls into the wrong hands. Lots of bumps and bruises later both Dutch and Abby find themselves in a life or death struggle with a suspect that they thought they had seen the last of. But no, even Abby’s psychic abilities did not see this one coming.

Vision Impossible is a definite departure from the previous books in this series. For the most part, the usual characters are missing and the storyline is much edgier, not the usual funny escapades that Abby usually finds herself and her “crew” in.

Don’t know if this is the new future for this series, I cannot say that it is a bad direction, just different. I hope she brings back her old friends and some more of the crazy antics, we will just have to wait and see what new path Abbey and her abilities will go down next.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I think I read the first one in this series and then never went any further. I did like it I recall.

Stepfordmomto2 said...

The series is taking a turn so I would suggest that you read the books in order to see where the characters are headed. Some like the changes, others are holding hard and fast to the old Abby.

katknit said...

I think I'll wait to hear your opinion about the next book in this series. Good review, Nancy.

DuhBearsFan said...

I'm not familiar with the series, but this does sound like an intriguing story (and series). Always raises questions when a series breaks away from its norm. As you say, though, let's see what happens next. A very nice review!

KarenJoan said...

I do love it when an author can surprise me. Thanks, Nancy.