Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dead and Berried

Dead and Berried (Gray Whale Inn Mysteries, No. 2)

Karen MacInerney

This book falls into the category of comforting read. I first found Karen MacInerney through her book Murder on the Rocks, the first book in the Gray Whale Inn Mysteries; but I have found myself coming back for more because of the enjoyable feel it left me with. There is just something about island living and the formed friendships and irritating acts of others that bring me back to see what they are up to next.

Just when life is starting to get back to normal on Cranberry Island, developers have decided that a section of the land would make a perfect location for a new subdivision. The Gray Whale Inn’s proprietor, Natalie Barnes does not like the idea, but what can she do; that is until her friend is found dead, the sheriff calls it suicide, but Natalie knows there is more to it. Does the subdivision have something to do with it, or are there more goings on that Natalie has to get to the bottom of.

Being a cozy mystery, the actual killing of named characters is not what drives this book. It is the location, the community and the inhabitants of Cranberry Island; each part takes on its own personality. You still have to pay close attention as to why each person does what they do, but for the most part, the story has a comforting flow that takes you down a path to a somewhat obvious conclusion but still satisfying at the same time.


mike draper said...

Sounds like an enjoyable read, perfect for the summer. I think last week's episode of "The Closer" had much of the same plot.

katknit said...

Sounds very cozy. Nice review, Nancy!

KarenJoan said...

Sounds like the book equivalent of comfort food. Nice job.