Friday, July 30, 2010

Secondhand Spirits

Secondhand Spirits

Juliet Blackwell

4 out of 5

I am just beginning my adventures into the witchy paranormal types of books. Therefore, I cannot say that I am an expert or can really be a judge of this type of book. Secondhand Spirits has all the prerequisite ingredients for your typical cozy mystery, there is the standard small shop in a small town, a pet - but I do have to say that this one is a bit more interesting and a little on the Harry Potter side, and a dashing man that will sweep the heroine off of her feet.

The storyline is on the ok side, Lily Ivory is a witch on the outside, and she tries to conceal her abilities, which has lead her to lead a separate life. However, after an encounter in a bar she decides to move to San Francisco and open a vintage clothing shop; a shop where she can pick up the vibes from the clothing and match the perfect outfit to the person.

Things are suddenly becoming unsettled in Lily's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. A reclusive woman is found murdered and children from the area are starting to disappear. Lily knows what phantom is behind this, but how does she rescue the children and keep her identity and abilities a secret.

It is an ok start to a new series. Maybe the whole witch genre has to grow on me a bit, but it was refreshing to see a new take on the cozy genre. Time will tell if I revisit this series, there is potential, but not a real click for me.

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Kris said...

bummer..sorry you didn't like the story more. I love that it was a different twist for a cozy. I personally love the paranormal books though, so this one was one of my favorites in July.