Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Glimpse of Evil

A Glimpse of Evil

Victoria Laurie

5 out of 5

I really enjoyed this book. The last couple of have not been quite a hit with me, but Ms Laurie has definitely stepped up her game with this book.

I do not know if you actually have to read these books in order, but to understand the character development of Abby Cooper and her friends, it might be a good idea to start at the beginning.

Moving from Boston to Austin, Texas, Abby is following the love of her life, Dutch, to his new job and the two of them will now be members of the newly formed cold case squad. However, for Abby, this is like coming home. Candice is already there and trying to get herself established as a private investigator, Brice Dutch's boss is the head of the new department, her home remodelers and his old lady, and maybe even a police officer from Michigan might show up.

The welcome Abby receives is not as warm as she had hoped- take a bunch of seasoned investigators and they are not going to look too kindly on a psychic. Nevertheless, Abby and Dutch quickly prove that they are a powerhouse when they darn near hit the squads solved case quota in a single day.

As cases seem to come together and a few of them have remarkable similarities, Abby and an almost convinced investigator do a little side work on their own. Unfortunately, it is not the easy question and answer session that they had envisioned. With missing bodies and bullets flying, Abby is once again in way over her head.

The previous books in the series ran very hot and cold with me, but I can tell you that I finished this book in one day, which is something that I do not usually do. The storyline and pace kept solid throughout, even though from time to time Abby and Candice did come across as two high schoolers, but I will forgive this bit of silliness. But just this one time.

I can now say that I would definitely recommend this and the Ghost Hunter Mystery series that Ms Laurie writes.

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Kris said...

Yay! So glad you enjoyed this one. I haven't read the last two in this series, although I own the books. It's one of my favorite series though.