Monday, May 24, 2010

What's In Your Mailbox

Bundle of Trouble

Diana Orgain

OK I admit it, I have this unexplained weakness for cozy mysteries.

First-time mom Kate Connelly is bringing up baby - and bringing down a killer.

Kate Connelly may have found the perfect work-from-home Mommy job: private investigator. After all, the hours are flexible, she can bring the baby along on stake-outs, and if you're going to be up all night anyway, you might as well solve some crimes. But when a body is pulled from San Francisco Bay that may be her brother-in-law, Kate must crack the case faster than you can say 'diaper rash' in order to keep her family together.

OK this one doesn't fit into my cozy fix, but it does sound a great deal like Julie Kenner's Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series, which I love.

Every Demon Has His Day

Cara Lockwood

On face value, this one seems too much like the Julie Kenner Demon Hunting Soccer Mom Series. But we will see

In her wildest dreams, Constance Plyd never thought she'd see dead people. Then again, she never thought she'd be hit on by her ex-husband at his own funeral...or be the prime suspect in his murder. Fortunately for Constance, irresistibly sexy sheriff Nathan Garrett wants to believe her explanation -- that a card-carrying demon in a black suit killed Jimmy in the garage -- or maybe he wants something more. Either way, all signs are leading to a showdown of hellish proportions, with Constance at the heart of the battle, when the Devil and would-be mother of the Antichrist (a pop princess wannabe) descends on Crockett County. Sure, she'd rather be cooking up a storm for the next state fair, but if she's going to be the Chosen One, at least Constance can give a few demons a Texas-style butt kicking....

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Kris said...

I hope you like Bundle of Trouble!