Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fatal Fixer- Upper

Fatal Fixer-Upper

Jennie Bentley

3 out of 5

First of all I have to admit I have a pet peeve, and Ms Bentley hit it straight on the head with this book. Ms Bentley, please give your readers a little more credit. Just because this is a "cozy" doesn't mean that you really have to go into a paragraphs worth of detail on what a chase lounge is. Really, we get it. Don't talk down to your readers - we are much smarter then you give us credit for.

With that being said, the mystery of this book is passable, unfortunately, there were a couple of plotlines that were quite reminiscent of Brian Kavanagh's Capable of Murder, but not enough for the reader to feel that it was a complete rehashing.

After receiving an ominous letter, from a little know Aunt Inga, Avery Baker of New York City rents a car and travels a few hours outside her comfort zone and appears at the door step of her aunt in the seaside community of Waterfield, Maine, only to find the Inga is now dearly departed and she, Avery, is the owner of a dilapidated home.

Avery has two choices, allow her Aunt's attorney to handle the selling of the property or try and make a few extra bucks and renovate the disaster with the help of local handyman Derek Ellis. Well, we know that cozies just aren't cozy unless there is a buff man and a cat, so with the help of the local ex-medical student turned renovator Avery sets out to find out if Inga's death was really an accident and what did Marie Antoinette have to do with it.

Though the storyline is not remarkable, it's a pleasurable way to spend an afternoon.

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Kris said...

Even with the issues you had (I hate when they talk down to us too), this one still seems like a fun read. Maybe one of these days I'll get to it. :)