Friday, May 28, 2010

Maid for Murder

Maid for Murder

Barbara Colley

4 out of 5

Charlotte La Rue likes her life the way it is, at fifty nine she is not yet ready to call it a day no matter what her son, a successful doctors, may think. She enjoys her quiet life, her steady clients and her talkative parakeet.

Having opened up her maid service to support herself and her infant son after the death of her boyfriend in Vietnam, Charlotte has not looked back and wonder how life should have been, she is too busy looking forward and what she sees is pretty good. That is until Jackson Dubuisson, the husband of one of her regular clients, is found murdered and a couple of things that Charlotte has witnessed on her regular cleaning days just aren't adding up.

It's hard to keep a professional distance when you see your clients as friends and your niece just happens to be one of the lead investigators, but Charlotte has seen a couple of things that just don't add up and being the helpful person that she is, she just had to lend her helping hand where she can. No matter how things turn out.

Barbara Colley almost had me closing the book before I had gotten started. Early on there is a comment made about Charlotte's sons first wife that was a bit snide and over the top for a cozy. It came off to me as more of a personal attack to someone that the author knew in real life. Maybe I took it wrong, but it was like a "there I said it and now the whole world knows" kind of thing. It was very off putting and didn't need to be there.

But I persevered and overall I'm glad I did, Colley introduced interesting characters that I'm sure will make future appearances and overall the writing and flow were steady, with the right amount of little red herrings sprinkled throughout the story to lead the reader down different paths in hopes that the who-done-it isn't found out too early.

I'll definitely check out the second book in this series.

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