Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twenty Wishes

Twenty Wishes

Debbie Macomber

3 out of 5

Just when I was beginning to enjoy this series, along comes this book that makes me wonder "what was I thinking"

Being almost 40, Anne Marie a local bookstore owner needs something to spark up her life. During a separation from her husband who refuses to have a child with her Ann Marie's world is rocked when he suddenly dies and there is no child for her, no resolution to her feeling of unfulfillment.

As a way to not feel lonely on Valentine's Anne Marie invites over other widow's who all decided to make a list of twenty things that they would each like to accomplish, dreams that they had, but were never realized. In an attempt to realize one of her dreams she becomes a lunch buddy to a struggling eight year old who is being raised by her grandmother. This one act of kindness will spark Anne Marie in the direction that she has always wished to journey.

With a cast of characters that really don't have anything in common, each story surrounds their own lives, the wishes really are not an important part of the story and then they all live happily ever after - in typical Macomber fashion.

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