Saturday, May 30, 2009

Living Dead in Dallas

Living Dead in Dallas

Charlaine Harris

4 out of 5

Sookie Stackhouse isn't phased by much but when the body of a dear friend in found in the parking lot Merlotte's and she is asked to go to Dallas to help out the local chapter of the vampire guild, things seem to get a bit out of hand. Especially when you throw in a bar loving maenad.

Arriving in Dallas with Bill at her side, Sookie sets out to find a missing vampire and bring him back to the nest. Sounds easy especially with her gift but of course she finds herself a captive of a church/fanatical group called the Fellowship of the Sun. Their main purpose is to destroy all vampires and those that are associated with them. Well, obviously, this puts Sookie in a difficult situation.

This book actually has two storylines, the first being the Dallas part and the second being back home in Louisiana with the investigation around the death of Lafayette a cook from Merlotte's. Since Lafayette is found dead in the back of Andy Bellefleur's car, and Andy being a local policeman, things aren't looking so good. But true to Sookie's word of taking care of things, she is once again thrown into the middle of things and learning a whole lot more about her fellow neighbors of Bon Temps. But that fun loving maenad is there to help and Sookie may not be so judgmental if the raving mad woman can help her.

A little bit more is discovered about the main characters. Harris does a wonderful job in slowly developing her characters and letting the reads know just enough to keep them coming back for me.

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