Saturday, March 7, 2009

Homicide in Hardcover

Homicide in Hardcover

Kate Carlisle

3 out of 5

Brooklyn Wainwright is a restorer of antique books. Taught by Abraham Karastosky on a commune in the Napa region that her parents brought her and her siblings to when she was a young child.

Brooklyn and Abraham had always been close, that was until about six months previous when she had decided to start her own business and Abraham was not too fond of that idea. Brooklyn had hopes of being back on better footing with Abraham so on the night of the Covington Libraries Rare Books Gala she went to seek him out only to find him dying on the floor of his workroom. With a rare Faust book pressed into her hands and Abrahams dying words, Brooklyn is left to finish his last restoration and to find his killer.

Of course Brooklyn and a whole slew of quirky characters are first pinpointed and then released as suspects making this book rather predictable in its search for the murder. I had actually picked the wrong who-done-it person, but then again, there were so many different people thrown at you with their own reasons for wanting him dead that when the end came you could only say “oh, ok”.

I’m sure that this is the first of many more in this series, just can’t picture myself rushing out to buy the next.

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SariJ said...

Thank you for reviewing this. I was not sure I wanted to read it or not. Now I think I will pass.
Love your blog by the way. I will be back.