Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Edge of Evil

Edge of Evil
J. A. Jance
4 out of 5

Suddenly finding herself out of a job, 45 year old Allison Reynolds broadcasting days are over. Informed that the station was looking for new a direction, Ali soon realizes that new meant younger so what was she to do. Her husband, a broadcasting executives neglected to tell her tell her of this new agenda in addition to his other extra curricular activities. So with no job and a divorce in the air, Ali is at loose ends. When a call comes in from her parents in Sedona, AZ that a childhood friend is missing, Ali heads home.

Ali knows that Reenie wouldn't have killed herself. She had too much to live for even with a diagnosis that is devastating, Reenie wouldn't leave her young children, not without at least leaving a card for them.

With Ali's investigative broadcasting background she delves in to seek the truth behind Reenie's death. Seeking comfort in her parents Sugarloaf Cafe and a new blog that her son has set up for her; Ali's back in the real world again. Unfortunately, the real world has quite a few wackos and between Rennie's killer and the people that she has attracted with her blog, Ali is in for quite a ride.

I had started this series a little backwards, with book 4, and needed to start over to understand the back story on Ali. I am so glad that I did. This is quite an interesting story and quite an interesting lead character.

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Linda in Maine said...

I loved some of J.A. Jance's earlier series, especially the Joanna Brady books. Not sure that my schedule allows me to even THINK of starting a new series, but I certainly enjoyed reading about this one. Keep up the good work.