Saturday, December 20, 2008

High Five

High Five

5 out of 5

Janet Evanovich

To date, I think this was my favorite book in this series. All the characters were there in all their feistiness. Even Grandma Bella and her Evil Eye.

Once again Stephanie is out of money and will take any FTA, this one turns out to be a very stubborn “littler person” who in turn decides to move into Stephanie’s apartment, which wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t already distracted by her overly cheap Uncle Fred who went MIA while trying to right a $2.00 wrong at the trash company.

Things start to heat up when she starts spending a little too much time with Ranger and now is having the Ranger/Morelli conflict. Some girls have all the luck. Now to find Fred, who’s wife really doesn’t mind that he’s missing, keep out of the way of a psycho boxer, get a dwarf (after calling Stephanie a loser, the gets called names too), choose between Ranger and Morelli, keep a taser away from grandma, chauffer a child sheik, dodge a killer, and stop getting cars destroyed all seem to be a week in the life of Stephanie.

Great fast paced book with lots of storylines and great giggles. I highly recommend this one.

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Linda in Maine said...

Nancy, I love the way you "channeled" the pace of these books in your review. Yes, that's the Steph we know and love, going nineteen ways to the dozen. What fun!