Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back on Blossom Street

Back on Blossom Street

Debbie Macomber

4 out of 5

For a person who doesn’t usually like Macomber’s books, I actually enjoy this series. I can’t explain it either, since Macomber usually has whiney weak woman as her characters -- this series seems to show women of strength. Those that take charge and move on in their lives instead of waiting for men to guide them.

Susannah’s Garden, the florist located next to a Good Yarn is where Colette Blake has gone to get over the death of her husband and the affair that she had had with her boss.

Once again the women of the story, Colette, Susannah, and Alix have come together in Lydia’s knitting class to share their fears and hopes and traumas; much of which involves Colette’s pregnancy and Alix’s impending marriage to Jordan. Plus a trauma that hits Margaret’s family and rocks them to the core.

This series of books is a good break from reality. I recommend this series over her mushy and redundant Cedar Cove series.

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Linda in Maine said...

I think you put your finger on it, Nancy - the women in this book are much stronger and more interesting than Macomber's usual crowd. I may have to revisit these, I'm sure I have them somewhere here.