Saturday, November 15, 2008

50 Ways to Hex Your Lover

50 Ways to Hex Your Lover

Linda Wisdom

4 out of 5

Jasmine Tremaine, better known as Jazz to her friends, has been banished to the use of basic witch skills for the last 400 years because of stupid rules and her inability to control her temper. So she is stuck making a semi normal living eliminating curses and limo driving for some of the less desirable ghouls that are part of her world.

Life wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for Nikolai, the rather hot vampire cop that should know better then to anger Jazz, but they just can’t keep away from each other, even though everyone knows that witches and vampires don’t mix.

Yet, after 40 years of being apart, Nick needs her help in solving a case of missing vampires and Jazz must face a horrible time in her past to help him that will either rip Jazz and Nick apart for ever or leave them to battle each other yet another day.

Very funny book with adorable characters like Norma, a ghost who can’t leave Jazz’s beloved car, and Fluff and Puff, real Bunny Slippers that seem to enjoy ripping into and eating anything within their reach but are afraid of heights.

If you can handle graphic and humor give this book a try.

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