Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Remains of the Dead

Remains of the Dead

Wendy Roberts

4 out of 5

Sadie Novak owns a unique cleaning service- it's her job to go in and clean up after suicides and crime scenes. Sadie has other talents as well. She sees dead people. When she is called in to clean up after the murder-suicide of Trudy and Grant Toth she finds Trudy's spirit sitting there on the bed quite unsure of what happened. Trudy is unable to communicate exactly what happened to her; or to prove her husband's innocence. To complicate matters, Sadie is unable to see suicide victims so she can't get Grant's side of the story. Sadie of course set's out to find the truth, putting herself and her friends in peril and introducing us to an expanding cast of characters that will prove quite interesting as this series continues. I don't think I would call this a cozy because there are some graphic moments, but a good mystery. Would have given it a higher rating, but there was a play on words that bothered me. Would have come off better in an audio, but felt lied to in the book version. The ending was a surprise and made up for the deception of the play on words

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