Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dying to Sell

Dying to Sell

Maggie Sefton

4 out of 5

Kate Doyle, newbie Colorado realtor, knew that her job could be complicated, but when dealing with the sale of her friends' home, little did she know that it could be deadly. When Kate arrives at Mark's home for him to sign the sales papers she find him in the elegantly appointed library with a letter opener sticking out of his neck. Usually, this would be an open and shut case, the spouse is always the first suspect, but with Mark's philandering ways, the suspect list grows exponentially. So of course, Kate has to snoop and solve the case to free her friend of suspicion. Maggie Sefton is known for her Knitting Series and I believe that this book is the first in a new series. Interesting start with what could be a good continuation of characters. Can't wait to see what develops between Kate and the home inspector / gun expert Chekov.

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