Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Fortieth Birthday Body

The Fortieth Birthday Body

Valerie Wolzien

4 out of 4

Second book in the Susan Henshaw series.

Susan is days away from her 40th birthday when she find out that Dawn Elliot, the neighborhood tramp, is moving back to town and all of Susan's insecurities resurface when she once again must be reminded of her husband affair with the woman. But Susan has other things on her mind as well, including the "surprise party" that he husband is planning - but that whole thing doesn't work out so well when Dawn's dead body is found behind the steering wheel of the brand new car that Jed bought Susan for the big 4-0. With the help of her friend Kathleen, an ex-detective, the two set out to solve the mystery of Dawn and the men she was involved with, including a strange husband, but this book quickly dissolves into naughty neighborhood goings on and storylines that could only be described as soap-operaeque. I don't know why I continued on with the series, other than its throw back to kinder gentler days of Dallas and Knot's Landing.

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