Thursday, February 16, 2017

Feels Like Family

Title: Feels Like Family
Author: Sheryl Woods
Published: April 1st 2007 by Mira Books
Format: Paperback, 393 pages
Genre: Romance
Series: Sweet Magnolias #3

‘Feels Like Family’ centers on 40-something Helen Decatur who having spent a lifetime moving her education, law practice and financially stability forward has decided that she is missing something. Maybe it is time for have a child. She has been going back and forth for a while. When she begins spending time with the pastry chef at Sullivan’s, she makes up her mind that he will father her child.

Unfortunately, she decides this on her own and without his knowledge tricks him into fatherhood. Not something that he is ready for since he is still reeling from the death of his wife and premature infant. Being the old-fashioned sort, he decides that maybe Helen, and her shoe collection, just might be worth the effort.

Things are not simple in Serenity, North Carolina. There are several side stories – While representing a client, Helen’s life is in danger, one of Dana Sue’s employees suffers a breakdown with the challenges of being a single mom but being a romance, you know how that is going to be tied up. Tess, another woman from Sullivan’s needs help with the false deportation of her husband and Helen, seeing a way to jab at another attorney, takes on this case as well.

You have to take this series for what it is – a feel good romance. There is no depth and the writing is a bit choppy with paragraphs and chapters jumping with very little transition or the explanation of time. So accepting that downfall, if you are looking for a way to spend a rainy afternoon, take a chance and visit the likable and funny women of Serenity.

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