Monday, February 27, 2017

Everywhere That Mary Went

Title: Everywhere That Mary Went
Author: Lisa Scottoline
Published: November 1st 1993 by HarperTorch
Format: Paperback, 368 pages
Genre: Legal Thriller
Series: Rosato and Associates #1

When you are focused on becoming a partner at one of the top firms in Philadelphia, a couple of telephone hang-ups or some evil mail does not hit your radar. When the notes become personal, she knows that she has a stalker. Brent, her friend and secretary, tries to monitor it, but even he is not safe.

Mary DiNunzio is still reeling from her husband’s death after a hit and run accident. It is not until a second person is killed in an eerily familiar way that Mary starts connecting the dots and confronts police Detective Lombardo. He needs to do a better job or she will go after him, and since she is an attorney, she knows where to hit hard.

Knowing that her stalker is someone close to home, she reaches out to Ned Waters, another person up for partnership. It is not until they spend the night together that she wonders if she had made a mistake. Dots are connecting in his direction, and since he had mental health issues in his past, should she keep her distance from him -- or his father. That is definitely where the arrows point, but no good author makes it that easy on her readers.

With nowhere to turn, Mary seeks refuge in her sister. Being an identical twin, their relationship is a balance of good and evil. Since Angie is a cloistered nun, with only one visit home per year, the sisters step around each other gingerly. That all changes at the end of the book and readers are left wondering why and what will happen next.

There are plenty of changes in store for Mary and the reader is just being their journey with Rosato and Associates. I do not know where book two will lead, but the surprising moment at the end of book one will make for an interesting adventure for the DiNunzio sisters.

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I generally enjoy this author but recently tried to read Every Fifteen Minutes (audio version) and although the reader was good, the story seemed to be going nowhere fast. A DNF for me. Hope you've been doing well Nancy.