Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dry Bones

Title: Dry Bones
Author: Craig Johnson
Narrator: George Guidall
Published: May 12th 2015 by Viking
Format: Audio, Hardcover, 306 pages
Genre: Mystery
Series: Walt Longmire #11

I love listening to George Guidall narrate the Walt Longmire series. For me, he is Walt; this is no boring narrator with a monotonous delivery, he brings Walt’s passion directly to the reader. His voice portrays the depth of humor and sadness that is Walt’s life. The Walt Longmire books are completely different than the Longmire series so know what you are getting into if you are coming from the show to the books for the first time. The books are more of Walt’s single person experience and with that, you get the inner workings of his mind. Unlike Victoria Moretti, Walt gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and it is the interaction between these two that make this series an absolute gem.

Dry Bones involves both the discovery of a complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and the death of Danny Lone Elk, whose body is found being nibbled by turtles in a fishing hole. Once the value of the skeleton is announced, the ownership fight ensues and since the bones were found on Danny Lone Elk’s property, more craziness follows.

Add in an additional subplot of Walt’s daughter and granddaughter traveling to Absaroka County when tragedy back in Philadelphia strikes and rips a hole in the middle of the listener’s stomach. There was no way to prepare for that and I actually had to stop listening for a few moments to catch my breath. It also opens up what I hope is a foothold into the next book.

Dry Bones is an excellent addition to the Longmire series. There might be parts that seem redundant from previous books, but that is okay, Walt’s life is about people and places that he loves and from time to time their spirits continue to guide him.

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