Monday, April 13, 2015

Vanishing Girls

Title: Vanishing Girls
Author: Lauren Oliver
Published: Published March 10th 2015 by HarperCollins
Format: Hardcover, Pgs 357
Genre: YA / Psychological Thriller

Do not be one of those people that read the last chapters of this book. Do not look at reviews that will spoil this book for you. You have to read it for yourself. Form you own opinions as to what is going on and commit to reading the last twenty percent of this book in one sitting.

Now I am sure that others might have figured this book our earlier than I did, but I admit that there were parts that had me wondering; closer to confused, as to why certain characters were acting the way that they were, but I did not put all of the pieces together.

There are two storylines going on here. You have wild Dara and the practical more reserved Nick, sisters that are close in age and closer in relationship that is until an accident that Nick cannot remember that leaves beautiful Dara scarred. Now the sisters are estranged and when Dara disappears on her birthday, Nick thinks that Dara is pretending. Nick can hear her in her bedroom, can see her getting on the bus, and knows that she is in the house, but she ignores her when Nick knocks on her door or calls out to her.

Then you have nine-year-old Madeline Snow. She too has vanished but the story that her older sister tells is not adding up. Nick becomes obsessed with this missing child and knows that Dara too was hiding a secret before she too disappeared. Is it possible that Dara was involved in something and that is why they are both now missing?

The mind field of teenage sisters is difficult at best, but when you add in a neighbor boy that both girls become involved with, devastation is bound to occur. The book weaves the sisters’ story from flashbacks to present day leaving the reader fixated on who is talking and from which timeframe it is occurring so they can put the puzzle pieces together.

To say that this book is edgy and leaves the reader bewildered is an understatement. The final truth of this book will completely blow the reader away. An out of left field sucker punch to the gut is how I felt when I finished. I did not put all of the pieces together. I had questioned a couple of actions of certain characters, but still, the light did not dawn. I loved this book. Loved how it completely blindsided me and yet I did not feel betrayed by the author. An awesome book that I highly recommend.

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