Monday, November 10, 2014

Sister Eve Private Eye

Title: Sister Eve Private Eye
Author: Lynne Hinton
Expected Publication: November 25th 2014 by Thomas Nelson
Format: eBook ARC
Genre: Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Series: A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery #1

Though this book is published through the Christian branch of Harper Collins, I would not call it a religious book. Granted, Eve is a nun, but the book is not preachy or heavy on doctrine teaching.

Sister Eve Divine (pronounced Diveen) a forty-year-old Harley riding nun that has taken a leave of absence from the convent to return home and care for her father as he recuperates from a foot amputation. Referring to her father as The Captain, Eve has always had an uneasy relationship with the man. It was her mother that ran interference between him and his two daughters. Now it is Eve’s turn to care for an ailing parent and this just might take more than prayer to see them through.

The prologue tells of Chaz Cheston, a Hollywood writer and director going to a home in New Mexico to pick up script pages. He was ambushed and days later, his body was found in a ravine.

Prior to his need for surgery, Jack (The Captain) Divine takes on Megan Flint, the girlfriend of Chaz, as a client. Since leaving the police force, Jack has opened a private investigation agency and now with his medical needs, it is up to Jack and his daughter to help prove that Megan is not responsible for the death.

No one understands why Eve became a nun instead of a police officer or private investigator; she has a knack for finding the underlying cause of a situation and people just open up to her. This is handy since Jack is a bit abrasive and is hiding a secret. Eve has secrets of her own - she is both terrified of turning into her father and questioning her desire to return to the abbey. She has been there 20 years and she is still fighting the authority that governs the order.

When it comes down to who was responsible for Chaz’s death it came out of nowhere. This character was not mentioned until the middle of the book and the end seemed like a wild grab. There is also a relationship in the book that did not add to the storyline at all. For being touted as a Christian book, that relationship with surprising. There is a lot of extra fluff thrown in and I question if it was necessary but overall, I enjoyed the book and I am glad to see that it will be an ongoing series with the next book due out early next year.

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