Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Don't Talk to Strangers

Title: Don't Talk to Strangers
Author: Amanda Kyle Williams
Published: July 1, 2014 by Bantam
Format: ARC; ebook; Hardcover Pgs 336
Genre: Suspense
Source: Amazon Vine (ARC); Netgalley (ebook)
Series:Keye Street #3

I was sure I knew who the killer was. Amanda Kyle Williams dropped him in at just the right time and left the perfect trinkets along the way.

What do you mean I was wrong, I was sure, it all led to his doorstep. Dang how did I miss that? What wait, you mean that there is more? No, that cannot be right. You cannot twist this story one more time. Then, heck in a hand basket, do not get me started on the final line. That is torture.

This is a phenomenal book from start to finish. In this third installment of her Keye Street series, Kyle Williams has taken her main character a step further. Dr. Street had been booted out of the FBI for her addiction issues and is now a private investigator called in by outside agencies when her expertise in serial killers is needed.

Two bodies of young girls are found in Whisper, Georgia. Ken Meltzer, the local sheriff, is outside of his expertise and against the wishes of his department, he calls in Keye. When Keye is not clashing with the investigators in the small department, or fighting her temptations when it comes to the sheriff, she is in a battle of wits with a killer that abducts young girls, holds them for a few months and then disposes of them in a forested area outside of town.

As a third girl goes missing, the pieces are starting to come together for Keye. Pieces that must have been there the whole time because as she placed the final one, it all made perfect sense.

Twist upon twist and with an ending that the reader will not see coming, you are in for an amazing ride.

Each book in this series is better than the previous. Amanda Kyle Williams knows how to weave a story that not only holds the attention of the reader, but also makes you want to put everything aside and just dive in and stay until that final line, that final phone call, that will shatter Keye’s world all over again.

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