Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Title: Deadlocked
Author: Charlaine Harris
Publisher: January 1st 2012 by Ace Books
Format: Hardcover, 327 pages
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Sookie Stackhouse #12

Maybe it is because I know that this series is ending, but I like the books more and more. I cannot say that it is fully the plots, but the humor is what keeps me reading.

Charlaine Harris is tying up all her storylines. This time, the fairies are all being dealt with. It is time for the door to fairy to be closed forever but there are a few last minute things to be dealt with – the least of which is the cluvial door and how it will change relationships forever.

Once upon a time, I liked Eric, but after this book - what a dog.

I will miss the innocence of Dermot.

Darn that Claude – what a jerk.

Once the TruBlood series came out, the Sookie Stackhouse books began to take a darker tone. Maybe it was a natural progression, maybe it was in response to new readers, I will never know.

Sookie is growing up - turns a whopping twenty-eight at the end of this book and it is time to reevaluation the people and situations in her life. Eric revealed a part of him that no one will like. True friends will always be true friends and death is just an everyday occurrence to a girl from BonTemp, Louisiana.

There is a lot going on in this book, the Vampire King of Louisiana has returned and everyone is on their toes as he investigates the death of one of his representatives. A woman is found dead on Eric’s front lawn after she was used to seduce him. Sookie’s fairy great-grandfather reappears after she thought he was gone forever and what he discovers sends everyone in a tailspin.

Then there is Jannalynn. Poor Sam, he does have a tendency to date women that want Sookie out of the picture.

Add in Freyda, the Vampire Queen of Oklahoma that Appius Livius Ocella (I just love that name), has commanded Eric marry.

Concluding with the realization that Eric, the all powerful, was depending on Sookie to bale his sorry butt out of his pending marriage when he should have been doing it himself all along.

Poor Sookie, this was an eye opening lead up to her birthday, but it is time that she take control; and take control she does.

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