Saturday, January 25, 2014

Undiscovered Goddess

Title: The Undiscovered Goddess
Author: Michelle Colston
Publisher: Michelle Colston; 1 edition (August 15, 2012)
Format: ebook
Genre: Memoir
Source: NetGalley

After reading the first 25 pages of this book, I was ready to throw it against the wall and move on. Who has time for a 30somthing mother of three that cannot seem to parent her children without opening a bottle or three of wine just to get to the end of the day?

This whiney, lazy, selfish and self-obsessed stay at home mother takes yet another “me” break and decides to take a quiz in Cosmo magazine. Shock of all shocks, it comes up that she is “Stylish but Shallow”. Really, did we need to take a quiz to see that coming?

Holly is jolted by this. So what does a “Stylish but Shallow” person do? Retakes the quiz of course and when that does not give her the result she was looking for she runs right out and purchases a workbook and journal. What ensues is an awakening of sorts. Lesson by painful lesson, Holly learns a little more about herself and the world around her; taking the reader right along until she feels that she has mastered or at least has a greater understanding of what each lesson has to offer. A day, a week, a month, it is all at her pace.

By the time I was a third of the way though, I started liking Holly. This woman is funny but still a bit annoying and in need of a major reality check.

Two thirds of the way and I adore the woman that she is becoming. I am just hoping that she can keep on the right track and not give in to those voices that she, and every woman, hears.

By the end, I realized how much l liked who she had become and now I think I just might need to reread the book so I can fully appreciate the journey that she has undertaken. Plus, rereading the first third without being overly judgmental would not hurt.

She learned, she laughed, she cried, but most importantly, she had become aware.

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