Monday, October 22, 2012

Mailbox Monday - One Second After

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Title: One Second After
Author: William R. Forstchen
Publisher: Forge Books (March 17, 2009 )
Format: Paperback; Pgs 352
Genre: Post-Apocalypse
Source: Friends of the Library Sale


Overnight, the world's trains, planes, cars, trucks, phones, computers, power plants and electrical equipment come to a sudden screeching stop. Nor will they ever start up again. The world is in chaos, and everyone wants to know why. Some evangelicals believe the Rapture is at hand. Other fundamentalists see the Cloven Hoof of Satan in the catastrophe. UFO cultists preach the coming of intergalactic aliens. Secularists envisage a host of earthly enemies - Chinese communists, Islamic fanatics, eco-terrorists, and energy industry magnates. New Agers prophesize the dreaded Mayan apocalypse. Is it aliens from space or is it the apocalypse? Human violence or the wrath of an angry god?

Whatever the cause, the modern age has come to an end. Looting, food riots, and global insurrection are the order of the day, and the New Dark Ages are suddenly upon us.

Can this global anarchy be stopped? Can the End Time be reversed?

A small mountain village in the American South is humankind's last best hope.


Mary (Bookfan) said...

Sounds intense - hope you love it!

Kaye said...

Wow, sounds interesting. Have a great week and happy reading! <(")

Tribute Books Mama said...

Sounds like an exciting read, enjoy!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds very good....will be interested to see what you think.

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