Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Give Books - You Can't Go To School....

We Give Books was started by Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation to "support literacy through programs that engage entire communities through literacy and awareness programs". The We Give Books program is an initiative that allows anyone with Internet access to give books to children in need. When you sign up you can choose from one of five charities. Then you can select from one of 151 digital picture books (both fiction and non fiction) to read online.

This is all completely free for the reader! Simply choose the charity you want to read for and then select the books you want to read. For each book you read online, a book is donated to a leading literacy group on your behalf. So please sign up and support literacy.

Title: You Can't Go To School Naked
Author: Dianne Billstrom
Illustrator: Don Kilpatrick III
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile (July 3, 2008)
Format: eBook
Genre: Childrens
Source: We Give Books
Ages: 3+

Told in a rhyming fashion, this adorable book follows the parents reasoning as to why their son has to wear clothing to school. All the reasons are quite plausible, but their son is not quite sure.

All they want him to do is to consider the consequences, well, that is a mighty big task for a little boy, but that night has he sleeps he lets their tales roll around in his head like a big pot of soup.

As morning dawns, the little boy has come up with the perfect solution. It might not be ideal is all public situations, but for now it will work and the little boy is quite please with himself for coming up with the idea.

I am sure that all parents have had to deal with this while raising their children. It is a cute story that will surely have both the reader and the listener giggling together and coming up with their own consequences.

This would be a fun addition to a child’s library.

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