Friday, September 16, 2011

First Grave On The Right

First Grave on the Right
Darynda Jones

This was a tough sell for me. I loved the whole talking to the dead thing, but when the psychic affair with the spectral visitor started, I was lost as to why this direction was chosen. Why add a dark element to what had started as a light and airy girlie read.

Paranormal Romantic Thriller. Paranormal – yes. Romantic – well if straight out s e x is romantic then yes you have that too. Thriller? Nope – I did not find this book thrilling, just meandering down the path to the next encounter.

What I did learn was that the Grim Reaper is bright and shiny – I had always envisioned the dark cape and scythe – guess it is time to expand my horizon. Souls must pass through the Grim Reaper to get to the other side; this apparently is the bright light that they see and Charley Davidson is the current Reaper.

From birth, Charley has been able to see souls, has remembered all events and when called upon, has helped both her father and uncle solve crimes. So why not go into the Private Investigator business. Seems like the most likely way to make a living and help the recently departed murder victims. When three recently deceased attorney’s make their appearance, Charley has no idea the events that are about to unfold and send her interesting life into yet another tailspin.

Told through immature humor and sarcastic wit, do women really name their breasts and ovaries, Darynda Jones introduces a new character that appears to be a hit with most and falls flat with others. This book will fall within the love/hate category. If the PRT genre is your thing, go for it, if not, take a pass. The premise is good – has the whole Ghost Whisperer things going, but the ethereal visitor was lost on the more ordinary person in me.

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