Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bean There, Done That

Bean There, Done That
Sandra Balzo
"Here’s a tip: if your ex-husbands mistress-cum-missus asks for your help in proving that he cheated on her while he was married to you, just say no. And, whatever you do, don’t invite her in.”
How can you resist a book that begins this way? Hum, now what would I do? Personally, I would have slammed the door, but Maggy Thorsen is just too nice of a woman. If she had only known what she was getting into, she would have slammed the door too. Maggie being Maggie, would not have done it before offering her a nice cup of coffee.

The newest Mrs. Thorsen stops by the first Mrs. Thorsen’s home wanting to borrow old calendars so she can compare notes and hotel room keys. She just know that Ted was up to no good, but when wife number two – Rachael – disappears and is later found murdered, Maggie, wife number one, is thrown right into the investigation. With a twisted tale of best friends and Brookhills Barbie’s, Maggie is trying to tie up all the loose ends of this mystery, in addition to trying to tying up a little Jake Pavlik, the local sheriff.

With this book, number three in the series, you most definitely see a new side to air headed Rachel (wife number two), who knew she was more than Ted’s dental assistant. I must have missed something in the previous books, because I didn’t see that family history coming.

I like this series, not as much as I like the Cleo Coyle series, but all in all, this is a nice cozy series with fun characters and a twist around every corner.


mike draper said...

Enjoyed your review, Nancy.

katknit said...

Nothing like good old fashioned revenge to spark a plot!

DuhBearsFan said...

Hmmmm. Fascinating opening and interesting premise. Not sure that it is my cuppa, but nicely reviewed!

KarenJoan said...

Sounds just plain fun. Well done.