Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hand of Evil

Hand of Evil

JA Jance

4 out of 5

When I began this series, I had started in the middle and I am so glad that I have gone back to the beginning and learned about Ali and her life from the beginning. In doing so, Ali has become a better over all character.

Two very different, but in some ways similar storylines keep the reader engrossed in this very good 3rd installment of the Ali Reynolds series.

When Ali is invited to the Ashcroft home she is very curious as to why - during tea it is revealed that Arabell's nephew is threatening to steal her money and have her committed. So to save herself, she reveals to Ali that she had been a victim of sexual abuse and with Ali's help she hopes to fend off the blackmail attempts with the truth. But Arabella is having second thoughts about the truth coming out.

That should be enough to keep Ali busy, so when her friend Dave Holman reveals to Ali that his own daughter, a sexually abused teen, has run away he asks for Ali's help in locating her. When she returns home, Ali takes in this lying manipulating child, but the problems are compounded when Crystal recognizes a killer and Ali's life hangs in the balance as she tries to protect Crystal, help Arabella, all the while trying to figure out who is telling the truth, who is out for their own benefit and who will take in the rhinestone cowboy outfit wearing gay butler. That part is really funny, but a great character has been discovered that will hopefully carry this series for many years to come.

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