Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kiss Her Goodbye

Kiss Her Goodbye

Robert Gregory Browne

4 out of 5

ATF agent Jack Donovan is finally closing in the psycho Alex Gunderson. But on a car chase after a bank robbery, Gunderson's pregnant wife Sara is injured during a car accident leaving her in a coma.

Seeking revenge, Gunderson kidnaps Donovan's teenage daughter, Jessica, and buries her underground with enough oxygen for three days. As the agents close in on Gunderson, an attention seeking cop kills the psycho before the whereabouts of Jessica can be found.

As time is running out, Jack Donovan desperately tries to tack down Alex's haunts, but this is where the story takes that proverbial left turn that had me scratching my head. I love mysteries, I love thrillers, but when out of no where you throw in the paranormal, I get ticked. Until then, it was a great book, until then Browne was an author that I could really enjoy looking forward to his other books. Evil taunts and messages from the dead just hit me wrong. Give me a thriller, or give me paranormal, separately I can handle these two genres, but paranormal and police procedural together don't mesh well.

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