Monday, March 13, 2017

A Bed of Scorpions

Title: A Bed of Scorpions
Author: Judith Flanders
Published: March 1st 2016 by Minotaur Books
Format: Hardcover, 310 pages
Genre: Mystery
Series: Sam Clair #2

Maybe it was me, but for most of the book, I kept confusing some of the characters. There are a great many and after a while, who was married to whom and who was a partner of whom just started to blend. Granted, that was not the main crux of the book, but I did find myself having to go back a couple of times to remind myself.

Book two in the Sam Clair series has Sam meeting her former lover Aidan Merriam for lunch; they do not see each other often so this is both a surprise and a welcomed get-together. Instead of the usually friendly Aidan, she sees a man that is deeply distraught by the suicide of his partner at the Merriam-Compton gallery.

Turns out that this is no casual lunch, Aidan has an ulterior motive and once again, to the chagrin of her current boyfriend, Jake Field, Sam is drawn into the investigation of what on the surface looks like a suicide but in reality the layers go much deeper and with repercussions that could turn the art world on its ear and land Sam in the hospital if not on the coroners slab.

I am enjoying this series and in particular the relationship between Sam and her mother. There is the dynamic of love, frustration and deep respect that just bounces off the pages. I do hope that Judith Flanders continues with both of these women and that there will be many more encounters between them.

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