Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Most Wanted

Title: Most Wanted
Author: Lisa Scottoline
Published: April 12th 2016 by St. Martin's Press
Format: Hardcover, 438 pages
Genre: Fiction

Leave it to Lisa Scottoline to take a blessed event and add one twist that leads the reader down the path of “what-ifs” and “what’s next” and “is this really possible”.

Life seems to be perfect for Christine Nilsson and her husband, Marcus. Unable to conceive a child on their own, they consult a fertility specialist and use a donor. One morning as Christine is getting ready for her day, she glances at the television to see a news report on the arrest of a serial killer – a man that looks identical to the picture that she has of her donor. A man that is being charged with killing three nurses in two states. Is it possible that she is carrying a child with half of the genetic make-up of a killer?

This is the winding, and at times unrealistic, plot that Ms. Scottoline is taking her readers on. Homestead Bank refuses to answer her inquiries as to who Donor 3319 is. With Christine and her husband reacting differently, they each take separate paths to reach the answer that is tearing their marriage apart. Putting both her life and that of her unborn child at risk, Christine jumps head first into her own investigation and with the help of her best friend and a cantankerous attorney, she will stop at nothing to get the answers that she is desperately looking for.

The book is fast paced and emotional, but in the end, too many parts were improbable. There are the obvious ethical and moral dilemmas that might make for a good book club read, but in the end, the reader is still left shaking their head.

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