Monday, May 9, 2016

Christmas at the Beach

Title: Christmas at the Beach
Author: Wendy Wax
Published: October 15th 2013 by Penguin Group (USA)
Format: ebook, 52 pages
Genre: Women's Fiction
Series: Ten Beach Road #2.5

Usually I am not a fan of novellas. I do not understand why this little snippet of information cannot be included either in the previous book or as an introduction to the next. Maybe it is because the author does not know where they are going with the next book or an editor had taken out parts that were important to the next book in the series, I will never know. What I do find surprising is that this novella did not bother me. I had an hour to waste and this filled it perfectly.

Told from Kyra’s perspective, there is a bit of rehashing of the last book, Ocean Beach, and forward momentum with a major relationship change that would have made the ending of the last book more complicated. Everyone is looking toward to what the future will bring and their interpersonal relationships seem to be on the mend. This does not mean that their lives will be any less problematic, but Kyra has decided that they are the village that will help her raise her son and they will face each new situation together.

I am still loving this series. Not sure why I had picked it up in the first place since it is not my usual, but I am glad that I did since these women have really grown on me.

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