Thursday, March 5, 2015

Saint Odd

Title: Saint Odd
Author: Dean Koontz
Published: January 13th 2015 by Brilliance Audio
Format: Audio
Genre: Suspense
Series: Odd Thomas #7 (series finale)

The last of the Odd Thomas series is a revisit of sorts with the characters in the previous six books. There is not as much humor as the prior books, but the rhythm and place are the same. The reader knows that they are saying good-bye, but that does not make the adventure any less captivating.

Odd still calls himself a simply fry cook with a psychic magnetism that brings bad guys to him, a man that is destined to be with Stormy Llewellyn forever and a man that does not look for trouble but trouble has no problem finding him.

Odd is traveling back home to Pico Mundo, the carnival is back in town, the carnival with the gypsy mummy that gave him and Stormy their very first fortune that said that they were destined to be together forever. He wants to know what is in store for him now that Stormy is dead and he has missed her for far too long.

Going back to the mall where she was killed reignites his troubles. The cult members are back and they have even more deviation planned. With the help of previous characters, Odd sets out to save the town but what he remembers from his dream is more of a riddle and with the help of those around him, he will put the pieces together.

The plot of this book did not matter to me. It was all about the people. Characters both real and metaphorical that had helped Odd to become the man that he was. That treated him like a son and who helped him to not feel so alone.

I liked how Dean Koontz said his farewells with this book. Brought back old characters with just enough nudging for the reader to remember who everyone was and how they had been a part of Odd’s life. There was no heavy handedness and long drawn out chapters. Questions that you had in the past were finally answered and people found their peace at last.

The reader knows that they are saying good-bye, but that does not make the adventure any less meaningful. We have seen Odd grow and mourned with him when he has to make decisions that do not sit well with him. They are not his choices, just the choices that had to be made. I will miss his spirit and optimism and know that he and those that he helped are in a much better place.

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