Monday, February 2, 2015

No Ghouls Allowed

Title: No Ghouls Allowed
Author: Victoria Laurie
Published: January 6th 2015 by Signet
Format: Paperback, Pgs 352
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Series: Ghost Hunters Mysteries #9

I have to applaud Ms. Laurie for acknowledging the comments that have been made in the past about comparing her Ghost Hunter’s series to Scooby Do. I had actually gone back and reread this paragraph in the book a couple of times just to cheer her on.

This particular series has been a roller coaster of sorts, some books a good, some not so much, but this book is excellent. This is not so much whininess or over the top immaturity. Each of the characters has settled down. There is a redundancy in wordage (piehole), but you can only change so much.

M.J. Holiday is on a hiatus from her Ghoul Getters ghost hunting show to take a long needed vacation back in Valdosta, Georgia. Her father, whom she has been estranged from, is now remarrying and M.J. is having mixed feelings. She still idolizes her deceased mother but Christine, the bride to be, is lovely and appears to be the perfect match for Montgomery Holiday.

With proceeds from Christine’s first husband, she has purchased a premier property in Valdosta - the Porter Manor. As renovations begin, accidents have begun and when the latest mishap takes place, M.J. and her crew are asked to enter the property and see what they do to help. Little did they know, but they are about to be confronted by their most challenging encounter yet.

I have hated Ouija boards ever since my early years so when one makes a profound presence in this book, my stomach actually twisted. When all is said and done, No Ghouls Allowed boils down to my evil spirit is worse than your evil spirit. The last couple of chapters were a bit twisty so you have to pay close attention as to how and who was responsible for the final outcome. That was a bit surprising since I had placed my bet on “the other guy”. Not to say that one person was worse than the other, since the whole Porter family was a bit damaged.

My final take – M.J. did a lot of growing up in this book. She learned a dark secret about her mother’s past, came to terms with her father and I think she has made a new friend in Christine.

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