Monday, January 12, 2015


Title: When
Author: Victoria Laurie
Publication: January 13th 2015 by Disney-Hyperion
Format: eBook ARC; Hardcover, 336 pages
Genre: Young Adult
Source: My thanks to NetGalley and Disney-Hyperion for an opportunity to read an advance copy of this book.

When I told a friend that the next book up was When by Victoria Laurie she asked for a short synopsis, when I explained the premise she stated that is sounds like the video of Savin’ Me by Nickelback. So of course I had to head off and check that out.

Granted, this could have been a starting point for Ms. Laurie, but that is where the similarities end.

From a young age, Maddie Fynn was able to see a series of numbers above the forehead of each person that she is either four feet from or a photograph taken at close range. Not knowing what these numbers meant she presented a drawing to her parents that they had puzzled over. Come to find out, these digits represent the person’s death date.

Both Maddie and her alcoholic mother are living with the regret of not knowing their meaning since Maddie’s father was killed in the line of duty on the same day as the digits floating above his head stated.

Money is thin in their household and Maddie is forced by her mother to earn a little extra cash by doing readings for strangers. Of course this is the turning point in the story when two young people go missing and are found dead. Both of whom have ties to Maddie’s abilities.

Investigators Faraday and Wallace cannot decide if Maddie and her best friend Stubby are responsible or just mere pawns in a tangled web. As the last pages unwind, the reader is mesmerized by the twist that this story takes.

I had originally picked up the book to read a couple of pages and save it for later only to discover that I did not want to put it down. It captivated me from the beginning and though I am a reader of Ms. Laurie’s two other series, this book had a completely different feel. There wasn’t all the sophomoric humor and drama that is prevalent in her other books and I was sure that since this is a Young Adult book, that this is where I would be finding more.

What I did find was a well plotted steady book that kept me engaged from beginning to end. This is definitely a genre that Ms. Laurie should continue with.

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