Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mr. Miracle - The Movie

Rob Morrow.....Harry Mills
Michelle Harrison.....Celeste
Britt Irvin.....Addie Folsom
Andrew Francis.....Erich
Malcolm Stewart.....Mr. Conceito
William C. Vaughan.....Andrew Fairfax

Why can movies not be a direct production of the book that they are made from?

Since I was not a fan of Mr. Miracle the book, I decided, for some unknown reason, to watch the Hallmark Channel movie version to see if my perceived issues with the book were different in the movie. Yes, they were, but at the same time, they created other issues for me.

For one, Mr. Mills in the book came across as naive, in the movie; he appears to be emulating Dustin Hoffman in Rainman, not an improvement. In the book, Erich is in a car accident and breaks both arms – in the movie, it is a skiing accident with a broken leg and a strained back. I must admit, one of the scenes in the book where Addie is trying to help him with both of his arms in casts was exhausting but very funny. That same humor was missing from the movie.

Maybe it was my interpretation, but the mothers in the movie are much younger then I call in the book and the neighborhood is definitely nicer. Plus, in the book, Mr. Mill’s does not live on the same street and I do not recall Addie wanting to work in a medical clinic. I recollect something about being a Veterinarian.

The movie was true to Celeste and Andrew. The movie infers that there might be a second book/movie that centers on Andrew and his story.

This is your typical Macomber Hallmark movie that I am sure will become a holiday staple.

Once again, either pick the book or pick the movie since they only tell the basics of the same story.

One final note – the movie is a walking commercial. Folgers coffee containers prominently displayed, giant Wal-Mart shopping bags, etc. It got to the point that I was looking for the next product placement instead of following the movie.

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