Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review - Dead in the Family

Title: Dead in the Family
Author: Charlaine Harris
Publisher: Ace Books (May 2010)
Format: Hardcover; Pgs 311
Genre: Paranormal
Source: Library
Series: Sookie Stackhouse #10

I like when an author takes a breather in a series. When they stop and redefine and realign their characters. Sometimes when they move to far afield I lose characters and then later on wonder what happened.

The main theme of this book is family problems. Seems that since Sookie is still recovering from the torture she received from the evil fairies in the last book, she is not quite ready to go and search out new problems. So why not stay home and let crazy come to her.

This time, the foolishness begins with Eric’s maker, Appius Livius Ocella showing up with his newest protégée, technically Eric’s brother, sending both Eric and Pam into a tizzy. This is strange and powerful man seems to have set off a firestorm when the young man, Alexei reveals who he really is. That is was, before he was turned.

Bill is still suffering from silver poisoning and Sookie, using Sookie logic, seeks the only person that can help Bill recover. This will open up a completely new character and I am not quite sure which direction this could take.

The government is still close on Sookie’s tail and it does not help that a body has been discovered on her property and it is not the one that they already knew about.

Sookie is still in a love hate relationship with some fairies and since the doorway to the fairy world has been closed, she fears that she will never see or hear from her grandfather again. That is until she finds that some of the fairies are still on this side including her cousin and maybe one or two that she would like to disappear forever.

The readers gets to see a little more of one of my favorite characters, Hunter the six year old son of Sookie’s cousin Hadley, who is a telepath. Sookie is trying to help this young boy to understand his talent and how to control it. Not an easy thing when an innocent child thinks that he is helping.

By the end of the book, there is a complete bloodbath and you have to follow along as to who is killing who and why. You pretty much need one of those football white boards with x’s and o’s to follow the players.

Overall, I think it was one of my favorite books in the series. There is something about the fairies that I like. I know that they might be evil maniacal beings, but let’s face it, anything that can be warded off with a squirt gun full of lemon juice cannot be all that bad.

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