Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review - The Apprentice

Title: The Apprentice
Author: Tess Gerritsen
Publisher: Ballantine Books; 1st edition (August 20, 2002)
Format: Kindle Edition; Hardcover Pgs 352
Genre: Police Procedural
Source: Library
Series: Rizzoli and Isles #2

I really need to stop reading Tess Gerritson’s books before I go to sleep at night. She has the ability to combine both medical facts with dang scary characters that when I am dreaming, everything melds together and gives me the most terrifying nightmares. I did not realize that I was so susceptible, but when a book is this well written and has drawn me in from the first chapter, I should have realized that I was going to be in trouble.

Boston is once again under attack by a serial killer. There is something very familiar with the surgical cuts on the victims. The telltale signs link Warren Hoyt, the center of Gerritsen’s previous book, but Detective Rizzoli knows that is not possible since she is the woman that had put him behind bars.

Yet the similarities are still there. Is it possible that Hoyt has trained someone to assume his role?

In steps Special Agent Gabriel Dean who seems to know a bit more about this killer than he lets on. Now Jane is trying to keep Dean out of her business, find a copycat killer and stop Hoyt once again before he finishes his job and makes Jane his final victim.

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