Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review - Discretion

Title: Discretion
Author: Alison Leotta
Publisher: Touchstone (July 3, 2012)
Format: Hardcover; Pgs 336
Genre: I think she was aiming for Thriller
Source: Library

I do not know where to begin, this book should have been an out of the park homerun. There is political maneuvering, a police investigation, an escort service running the highest priced call girls in Washington D.C., and a maniacal killer on the loose. From the description alone, this should have been a winner.

Herein lies the problem. The book is lackluster. Just when Allison Leotta sparks some intrigue, she changes direction from the investigation to the main character’s love life. Personally, I have an extreme dislike for that, either write a thriller or write a romance, but the ability to blend the two seamlessly is out of reach for some writers and in my opinion is what ruined this book.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Anna Curtis is trying to build a career of her own while at the same time trying to keep a romance going with Jack Bailey, the chief homicide prosecutor. She does not want anyone to know that they are together; she wants to build her career on her own merits and not by her association with the potential next U.S. Attorney. Anna is in a constant struggle trying not to losing her identity and everything that she has worked so hard to achieve. How can she find balance and maintain a career that she loves?

This time they are in deeper than either can handle when the body of a beautiful young escort falls from the private balcony of a well known and much loved Congressman whom is in a dogfight to hold onto his political seat. If only the story could be that cut and dried, but no, the reader is brought into the seedier side of life of the rich, famous, and political.

I picked up this book after reading Ms Leotta being touted as a female John Grisham. Trust me; Mr. Grisham has nothing to worry about. For me, the story was very superficial; I do not feel that I have come away from this book knowing anyone of the characters. I know that the ending was designed to be a shocker, but that too was flat and predictable.

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