Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seven Up

Seven Up

Janet Evanovich

3 out of 5

By the time this book was over, I could not tell you if the whole Stephanie Plum storyline had moved forward or not. The book started slow and never really picks up any momentum.

Stephanie embarks on what she considers an easy-peasy assignment; bring in Eddie DeChooch an octogenarian mobster. How difficult could that be, he drives around Trenton in a white Cadillac, kind of stands out, even for Trenton. Well, when it comes to Stephanie nothing is ever easy, especially when there is corpse found in Eddie's garage.

Not only does she have to find this gangster, but she also has to come up with a date for her pending nuptials to Joe, but then again, why would she do that when Ranger has offered her an evening of bliss. Decisions, Decisions.

Add in perfect sister Valerie coming back for more than a visit and the shambles of Stephanie's life is certainly on a roll, if only we knew which direction she would go.

I will continue with the series, I just hope the next one keeps my interest a little better.

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Kris said...

Hopefully the next one picks up for you. It was soon after this that I gave up on it. Then discovered they were fun via audio, but I'm about ready to give up again. They are funny..but nothing ever happens and each story is basically the same.